Just a little information on the upcoming stories.

The Timeshare story will be stickied and remain on top of the page for a bit so that it can get some exposure. There is also an upcoming story that is very close to my heart that’ll be stickied as well and will be at the top even longer.

But back to the order of things.

As I work on this unknown project I decided to try out this Wordpress Blog on the side to convey information and show you the steps on the success or failure of this up and coming project.

The reason I chose WordPress is because of its ease of use, the PHP technology (which is widespread) and because I’ve already had experience extending WordPress and working with the plugins.

If you know Java and C++, PHP should be relatively easy to learn, which is the path I took.

Couple that with the fact WordPress is quite popular, easily themeable and there is already a huge widespread support for it, plus the fact it won the 2009 Open Source CMS Award it’s become clear why I decided to choose this.

And for those who are about to venture out on a limb and try blogging with WordPress, here’s an interesting page that initially confused me at vs. It’s Categories vs Tags. Happy reading.