As mentioned by Engadget at–shutting-down-xp-machines/, today was a total blunder by McAfee, the once reliable (right? right?) virus scanner company.

I believed in you McAfee, even when friends said you were slow I honestly believed in the security you would bring to me. Plus you were a familiar face from my days at UMass.

I not only let you into my life but let you into the hearts of my computers, laptops and netbooks. Not only that, I let you into the lives of others around the world.

But today, I saw the truth. You are slow and you gave me what I might as well call a virus. You destroyed all my systems at once because auto-update was on. Immediately one after another started counting down to oblivion.

But I am one lucky one as one computer refused to go without a fight and the svchost.exe file was not removed (a file very crucial to your Windows XP system).

I just had to copy it back and remove McAfee. Sorry pals…I’m now with AVG and my machines seem more zippy now!

Go figure…

And how the heck did it happen anyway?

Well I heart Norton and McAfee are just large virus scanner companies anyway…