I would like to introduce everyone to a very interesting concept: virally growing your fan base as a new writer. Of course old writers are welcomed also. But the idea is to ultimately share your ideas, produce a fan-base from the ground up while writing on this beautiful platform. Why not have a novel released overtime so people can read? Why not serialize some big vision or adventure that people look forward to so it’s not just another case of the ‘Monday’s’ or weekdays? We all looked forward to seeing “Lost” – but the power of reading is still something that’s relevant and still powerful. Without further ado: check out http://www.writerzweb.com – let your mind run free with adventure for writers and readers alike!


Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As for this year’s BF, it’s another mediocre one at best. Staples used to be one of the best places to shop but now the best deal is in Best Buy ranging from cameras to Hard Drives. Walmart is still holding strong with pretty good deals.

Good luck and don’t let the lines get you down!

As Black Friday comes around I hope to keep the blog updated as to what’s going on. I’m still a firm believer and pusher for new technologies and unique ideas to drive yourself to success.

I apologize for the lack of updates, but life does happen.

There will also be a review of the Acer TimelineX 1830t coming along. I myself always wanted an energy efficient light but powerful machine that I could bring anywhere for work and keep my productive throughout the day. It is however important to separate work from your home life. But if work is play then what’s the harm? Don’t tune out your precious loved ones, that’s all I have to say.

That being said. It is an amazing opportunity to work for Fantourage.com. It is an interesting concept and what I believe social media will turn into. But guess what, fantourage.com is first! It is the latest and greatest! Connect with bands, celebs and brand names, become their top fans, become devoted and EARN payback from that! We’ve already given out playoff tickets to Celtic and Cavs, meet & greet with bands, tickets to see bands. We’ve had huge celebrities give out rewards such as Taylor Hicks, Passafire, Trust Company and a lot of more amazing bands.

Check it out at http://www.fantourage.com

As mentioned by Engadget at http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/21/mcafee-update–shutting-down-xp-machines/, today was a total blunder by McAfee, the once reliable (right? right?) virus scanner company.

I believed in you McAfee, even when friends said you were slow I honestly believed in the security you would bring to me. Plus you were a familiar face from my days at UMass.

I not only let you into my life but let you into the hearts of my computers, laptops and netbooks. Not only that, I let you into the lives of others around the world.

But today, I saw the truth. You are slow and you gave me what I might as well call a virus. You destroyed all my systems at once because auto-update was on. Immediately one after another started counting down to oblivion.

But I am one lucky one as one computer refused to go without a fight and the svchost.exe file was not removed (a file very crucial to your Windows XP system).

I just had to copy it back and remove McAfee. Sorry pals…I’m now with AVG and my machines seem more zippy now!

Go figure…

And how the heck did it happen anyway?

Well I heart Norton and McAfee are just large virus scanner companies anyway…

I know it’s been a while, but there are some things that I can’t just get off my mind.

Apple has made good looking products for years. It is the edge that they seriously have in the consumer market.

But ever since the release of this so-called “magical device” that even the cavemen could predict would come out, things have seemingly been blown out of proportion. I am awaiting the simple review of an iPad: “I got it. It sucks” done, and boom.

Good looking product? check.
No support for 3rd party software? check.
Multitouch? check.
iPhone strategy? check.

See a problem with this? Except this is not an iPhone, it is quite worse. This is an example of Apple getting a little too cocky about their magical devices and creating something expensive and less useful than all other netbooks and tablet-converted laptops. Looks good? Indeed. Functional as the iPhone? No. Intimacy with your computer? That’s what Steve Jobs wants you to have. Except…It’s intimacy with his wallet.

But, good thing for Apple. The iPhone can be such a killer device and gets so close. But their “cockiness” allows competition just like Microsoft’s cockiness back-in-the-day allowed Apple to creep up on their heels and now, the free tried and true Linux.

Good job Apple for allowing competition and making a bad product that I will surely pass on. Let me know when I can connect USB devices to it, I can run other browsers and programs, I can add an external hard drive, I can do more than my netbook basically. Bigger iPhone? Hmm, not quite at all. It’s not even as convenient. I’ll stick with an iPhone.

This is not something that I’ll usually do. But we (as a family), currently have a timeshare for sale out in Manhattan, right next to Time Square, Central Park, the Theater District, Carnegie Hall, and more!

This is in all seriousness. The timeshare was bought a while ago and we feel it is time to sell it, though it would sorely be missed. We’ve had a lot of fun memories in that area.

So wherever you are, please feel free to contact me at waije.coler at gmail dot com if you are interested. The price is negotiable, but the current asking price is 26.

For more information on The Manhattan Club (our timeshare), please feel free to go to their website. The timeshare may also be traded for others around the country including (I believe) out of country. NY is a highly sought out place and the Club guarantees 7 days a year there, right in the middle of it all.

Here are some images to help entice you.

Thanks, and sorry for the soliciting…This will hardly happen.


As Thanksgiving rears its popular head I find myself scarce for time especially when there are multiple projects in the oven at the moment (so to speak).

Black Friday comes ever so closer and I have reviewed and suggested several items at Best Buy to wake up early for. However, I am uncertain if I am able to get to the other stores that I recommend, such as my all time favorite, Staples, then Walmart and Target.

The sign of the economy is showing as Staples used to have more free-items (after EZ rebate) especially free surge-protectors, which you can never have too much of as you continuously work with technology and try to protect it. While the Universal Remote is still free at Staples, they list a surge protector as around $6 or so. Hardly a deal.

Still, there are some items on sale at these places. In particular, there is a hard drive available for around $70 that’s 500GB at I believe Staples. I have to take a closer look. For the gist of it, it’s a portable HD that can be powered just through a USB port. There was a deal at Target for a 320GB for $65. This is a great deal.

Without further ado, if I cannot manage my time correctly and be able to give my opinions on other Black Friday deals, I leave you with some great resources:

  • www.bfads.net – BFAds – This is one of many BlackFriday sites that provide ads and details on what is on sale from every vendor possible. This is my personal favorite and trustworthy site that I have looked at throughout the years. However, it doesn’t necessarily provide you with the info on whether or not an item is a good deal. It’ll list everything that the vendors wants you to see that is on sale.
  • www.slickdeals.net – Slick Deals – Another personal favorite, this also has a Black Friday section. This will help validate what deals are good and what are downright terrible. It is a close knit community of new people and experienced alike. Look for the thumbs up on an item for a good deal. You may also see past deals that were excellent according to the entire community, which is usually a good indication and one that I swear by.
  • www.fatwallet.com – FatWallet! – This is also a favorite for the reasons above for Slick Deals. FatWallet will also help you with your finances and other life situations. It is a larger community and allows “Cash Back” in which if you sign up for an account in FatWallet, you can earn Cash Back by buying something from one of their vendors through them. Don’t be discouraged, they have almost ALL of the popular vendors on file such as Dell, HP and NewEgg!

That’s it for now. Until next time…

The above sites also help in being an entrepreneur especially if you are splurging and rewarding yourself. FatWallet! is especially helpful. More on that on a later time. And until next time…Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the people around you and/or the peace!

There is a ongoing question on success and learning on whether or not it is good to learn and not make any mistakes or make mistakes and learn from them.

What is of greater value? A person who’s never made a mistake or a person who’s made a lot?

Well that is a question that a lot of people ask especially the higher ups inĀ  companies. Though it’s not in the forefront of their minds, they may wonder that if a person has never made mistake, how would they handle their first?

True these people may be especially talented and hard working and usually in the professional environment there is no room for error – but believe it or not, it’s almost impossible to be completely perfect. And then you must ask yourself the question, is a person that has never made mistakes indeed Perfect?

The truth is, it could go either way. You could be a person to make all the possible mistakes but learn from every single one of them and in return learn faster because you have the first-hand experience in making them.

Or you could be a person who’s never made a mistake but also have the knowledge on what to do when one is made, or how to advert it since this kind of person might’ve been adverting his or her mistakes all along.

Whether or not you are a perfectionist or an unfortunatist (being put in the unfortunate situation on somehow making all possible mistakes), you should learn the other side and grow from the experience. Never made a mistake? What is it like to make one, could you handle it? Making a bunch of mistakes? Ask yourself are you learning from each trial, and then ask if could advert them.

Either way, never forget to grow yourself and learn from your mistakes. And if you don’t make any, don’t be afraid of them. You might be causing more stress to yourself over-compensating vs. a person who believes he or she will triumph vs adversity.

The mistakes written about here aren’t the obvious ones. You should always try your best in whatever you do and avoid mistakes when you can, whether it’s a mistake of compromising your designated position in soccer, or procrastinating TOO late and not being able to turn in your homework on time. It’s about evolving and compensating for the unforeseen future before the definition of “mistake” comes in to play. Can you adapt?

What is written here should not be taken too seriously but rather, and hopefully, be thought about with some introspection in at least some small portion of your mind. And this site will not be purely based on subjects of this matter. This is merely an introduction of the mystery that is unraveling behind this site. Yes “Maybe Something Useful and Biased” may still hang true, but that is not entirely the true meaning behind this.

Stay tuned…

People have heard of Abject Failure but what about “Abject Rejection”?

There is a specific letter that I keep above my desk that reminds me of what it takes to do your own thing in this dog-eat-dog world. No, wait…The world is worse than that. This is a shark-eat-shark world. The competition is vicious and will cut you a part, especially when you are an entrepreneur, a writer, actor or an artist. I happen to be the former 3. Or are you just an entrepreneur for being any of those?

The letter is as follows:

Strotham Agency Rejection Letter

Strotham Agency Rejection Letter

And it reads:

Thank you very much for your query. Unfortunately, your project is not right for us at this time. Publishing is a matter of taste, however, and another agent may feel differently–we encourage you to keep looking for an enthusiastic editor or agent. We wish you the very best of luck with your work.


Rejection Letter from Lauren

Rejection Letter from ...?

So imagine me, who submitted a transcript in my very first attempt to the Strotham Agency, to receive a letter back so fast. What could it be? What would the answer be? I thought. Yeah, the letter was sent way too fast for comfort.

I open it up and receive the above. Hmm…now, what is it trying to say? Publishing is a matter of taste and my transcript leaves a sour taste in their/his/her/its mouth? Is it even possible in this downturn economy they flung my transcript away and just sent the rejection letter? The truth is, I will never know because agencies are so busy and will not take the time to respond to a small-fry. In fact, in acting as well, studios will not take in unsolicited material or respond back. There are so many requests to be in movies and to get published that there is just no time to answer them all.

The problem is, there is no clear answer in a rejection letter. At least they sent one so you don’t ask yourself, Did my manuscript get lost? Did the Post Office not send it? Did I send it?

But one thing I did do was send a letter of appreciation back. Because I didn’t know if it was Lauren or whatever, I copied, cut and pasted (literally) her name and put it in the front of the envelope and on the letter. I mentioned how great it was (hopefully) that they sent a letter back (vs. some automated process) and thanked them for their time. This is all because I feel like we live in a busy world where there is no time to respond to everyone’s request and care for those we do not know the names of. And I decided NOT to be like them, I would take the time to respond with some outwardly and different thoughts rather than their standard rejection letter.

So, are there any signs of rejections you have lying around? Ask yourself this, does it fuel you to succeed in what you want, in your aspirations? And at what price does it fuel you? That’s the question I precisely asked myself and the reason I have it over my desk so that ever time I sit down to work, I can look up, and smile.

In the familiar lyrics of a catchy song:

Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown Engines On!

And this site has lifted off at last! Stay tuned for more to come on what this is all about. But for your own pleasure, this catchy song was originally by David Bowie and redone in the Lincoln Commercial by Cat Power. However, I can’t seem to find the full version of this new song which puts a modern sound to it.

You are free to dislike and like whichever one, but they are pretty different s. And wow, those Lincoln commercials are classy.

Without further ado, “Space Oddity”:

David Bowie’s in a cool video:

Cat Power:

Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles, I’m feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows
Ground control to major Tom, your circuits dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you hear me, major Tom?
Can you…
Here am I sitting in my tin can far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do