This page is under construction, but some elements are posted from my resume for accomplishments.

2005 (Summer) – Web Redesign and Content Manager – Mass Woodlands (

2004-2006 – Computer Assistant, Flash Design, Hardware and Network Technician – Communication Disorders, Linguistics and Education Department @ UMass & SEPRI (Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response Institute –

2004 (Summer) – Computer Assistant, Software Engineer and Commercial Flash Content Creator – IscaTech (Entomology Pest Control –

2002-2006 – Web Administrator, Designer and Computer Technician – Building Materials & Wood Technology Department @ UMass (

2001 (Summer) – Telephone Interviewer – Sociology Department @ UMass

2000-2003 – Web Management, Design, Computer and Network Technician – EcoOrganics, Inc. (Organic Fertilizers –

2005 – Co-Lead a team of Software Developers to create a multiplayer, skinnable Burger Time game coined “Turger Bime”, written in Java Swing

2002 – Epic Novel Series Started

1995 – 2001 – Played in the most advance Orchestra in School and sang in the most advance Chorale, acted in plays in musicals (still act today) – also played in Western District Orchestra (top violinists in Western Mass)

1999 – Award in Journalism for A Vegetarian Thanksgiving article

1995 – 1998 – Created one of the most popular Capture the Flag Mods for Quake in the world, ran from Stanford University to Denmark and written on Blue’s News – called SCTF

1995 – Now – Computer Technician, Hardware and Networking – have been running this extra-curricular activity for years now with clients ranging from Western Mass to Eastern, from small businesses to large

1994 – Self-Taught TCL language to add AI to eggdrop bots on IRC

~1993 – Played Violin at Carnegie Hall

2001-2006                                                                 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

B.S., Mathematics & Computer Science – Graduated cum laude.

Computers, sports, writing, music, learning, communication, video, outdoors and human interaction.
Web portforlio in design and programming – Fafarazzi – Building Materials & Wood Technology – PinkSlipCoffee – IscaTech – Lindsay Lamb Actress Page – Making Connections – Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response Institute – EcoOrganics Fertilizers, Inc. & – Personal (Gaming Sites)

German, Mandarin, English & Portuguese

Java, Javascript, AJAX, TCL, C, C# (, C++, DrScheme (Lisp), SQL (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MSSQL), Assembly (ARM), HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, XSLT, Visual Basic, Python (still learning)

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