As Thanksgiving rears its popular head I find myself scarce for time especially when there are multiple projects in the oven at the moment (so to speak).

Black Friday comes ever so closer and I have reviewed and suggested several items at Best Buy to wake up early for. However, I am uncertain if I am able to get to the other stores that I recommend, such as my all time favorite, Staples, then Walmart and Target.

The sign of the economy is showing as Staples used to have more free-items (after EZ rebate) especially free surge-protectors, which you can never have too much of as you continuously work with technology and try to protect it. While the Universal Remote is still free at Staples, they list a surge protector as around $6 or so. Hardly a deal.

Still, there are some items on sale at these places. In particular, there is a hard drive available for around $70 that’s 500GB at I believe Staples. I have to take a closer look. For the gist of it, it’s a portable HD that can be powered just through a USB port. There was a deal at Target for a 320GB for $65. This is a great deal.

Without further ado, if I cannot manage my time correctly and be able to give my opinions on other Black Friday deals, I leave you with some great resources:

  • – BFAds – This is one of many BlackFriday sites that provide ads and details on what is on sale from every vendor possible. This is my personal favorite and trustworthy site that I have looked at throughout the years. However, it doesn’t necessarily provide you with the info on whether or not an item is a good deal. It’ll list everything that the vendors wants you to see that is on sale.
  • – Slick Deals – Another personal favorite, this also has a Black Friday section. This will help validate what deals are good and what are downright terrible. It is a close knit community of new people and experienced alike. Look for the thumbs up on an item for a good deal. You may also see past deals that were excellent according to the entire community, which is usually a good indication and one that I swear by.
  • – FatWallet! – This is also a favorite for the reasons above for Slick Deals. FatWallet will also help you with your finances and other life situations. It is a larger community and allows “Cash Back” in which if you sign up for an account in FatWallet, you can earn Cash Back by buying something from one of their vendors through them. Don’t be discouraged, they have almost ALL of the popular vendors on file such as Dell, HP and NewEgg!

That’s it for now. Until next time…

The above sites also help in being an entrepreneur especially if you are splurging and rewarding yourself. FatWallet! is especially helpful. More on that on a later time. And until next time…Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the people around you and/or the peace!

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